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Sharp Criticism + Doxing of State Narcotics Agency Isn't Punishable True Threat

Added 10-22-20 08:21:02am EST - “From United States v. Cook, decided July 13 by Judge Michael P. Mills: In 2018 Cook was prosecuted by the” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Sharp Criticism + Doxing of State Narcotics Agency Isn't Punishable True Threat”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

In 2018 Cook was prosecuted by the State of Mississippi for sale of a controlled substance. The case was widely publicized in the local news and public reference was made to Cook's local Calhoun County business. Cook was acquitted of all charges by a Calhoun County jury. Not content to quietly accept his victory, Cook made disparaging remarks on the internet about various players in his Calhoun County prosecution. He now finds himself defending a charge of internet harassment in Federal Court.

After his acquittal, Cook published a number of posts on his personal Facebook page about his experiences with the criminal justice system. An affidavit of Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent John Marsh specifically mentioned five Facebook posts made by Cook that Marsh believed supported a Criminal Complaint for cyberstalking. [Details moved to the end of this post. -EV]

The Indictment is a one and a half page document in which a grand jury found that Cook threatened Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Agent Jon Lepicier by "revealing the address of, and names of family members" and "did threaten him and his family by posting:

"I uncovered the family of the arresting person. His real name, parents, grandparents, sisters, wife, nephew, properties owned, past phone numbers, aliases of the whole family, in laws, … which had him very puzzled as to how I did it. He has taken down some resources and Facebook pages or changed them. But I was nice enough to use poetry that only he would understand when posting what I knew;" and

Interestingly, when you compare the "posts" the government presented to the grand jury in the indictment, to the full posts [see below -EV], it appears that the government "cherry picked" certain statements and re-arranged them in a different sequence and context to give the posts a more ominous effect. In the preceding and intervening sentences of the post that were cut out by the government in the indictment, Cook identified no less than six other persons or entities in the post with whom he had grievances (see references to the First MBN officer on Cook's state court case, WTVA, the local elected state court judge, the ADA, the DA, and the "local meth dealer") regarding what he alleged was a fraudulent indictment scheme perpetuated by various elected government officials.


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