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Senior House GOP staffer resigns: "Congressional enablers of this mob have made future foreign conflict more likely"

Added 01-12-21 06:35:02pm EST - “"...chose to put political theater ahead of the defense of the Constitution and the Republic."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Senior House GOP staffer resigns: "Congressional enablers of this mob have made future foreign conflict more likely"”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Jason Schmid doesn’t believe in pulling punches. Earlier today, the top policy staffer of the House Armed Services Committee resigned in protest over Republican efforts to disqualify certified electors from states won by Joe Biden in the election. In his resignation letter, Schmid accused the GOP members of having promoted “a poisonous lie that the election was illegitimate,” and that in doing so enabled extremists to attack the Capitol.

In choosing to engage in “political theater,” the Iraq War veteran accused those Republicans of having made foreign conflict more likely in the future, thanks to the undermining of the American example of stable self-governance.

In a scathing resignation letter obtained by POLITICO, Jason Schmid, a longtime senior House Armed Services Committee staffer, slammed the GOP members of the panel who objected to President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win, particularly after a mob incited by Trump stormed the Capitol last Wednesday and left five people dead. …

In his letter, Schmid said the GOP lawmakers “harmed the ability of every service member, intelligence officer, and diplomat to defend the nation and advance American interests.” He said they “disregarded” American democratic ideals “for cynical political purposes.”

“Regardless of the motivations behind the vote, these members bear the consequences that the men and women in harm’s way will face for many years to come,” Schmid wrote. “I cannot imagine any series of events more damaging to the already fragile US led post-World War II order that has brought more peace and prosperity to the world than at any other time in history.”


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