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Senator McSally Calls Out Liberal CNN Hack

Added 01-20-20 02:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: When I heard, I didn't believe this. I was pleasantly surprised when I confirmed that it happened.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Senator McSally Calls Out Liberal CNN Hack”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: Grab sound bite number 33. This happened last Thursday, January 16th on Capitol Hill. I didn’t see this when it happened. It stunned me when I found out about it. In fact, when I heard, I didn’t believe this. I was pleasantly surprised when I confirmed that it happened. This is CNN and their liberal hack reporter Manu Raju.

RUSH: What? What? Martha McSally? Remember when she was running, a number of people objected to her because she was a RINO type Republican, that she was a — well, for a lack of a better term, I’m not crazy about it — Bush Republican. Meaning, whatever the media says, don’t fight it, go along with it, the Republicans’ role is to take the excrement sandwich.

And she just comes out, “You’re a liberal hack, I’m not talking to you. Manu Raju, you’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you.” And you know what happened after this? CNN had a meltdown. They had a meltdown, and they had panel discussions over what Martha McSally said and how dare she and how anybody — and how this was an attack on the Constitution, and it was an attack on the First Amendment.

You know, CNN is classic. They can dish out all the lies, they can bully, they can attempt to destroy anybody they want, but you hit back at ’em, “Oh, my God, that’s not fair, you can’t do it.” They get all bent out of shape about it. Martha McSally is one of the four Republicans, if my theory happens to be — it’s not just mine, by the way, but she’s one of the four Republicans that the Democrats, I think, are trying to make nervous.

And McSally, she’s considered to be in the Susan Collins camp. “Well, I’m not sure, what Trump did could look bad. I don’t know. I might have to vote, I might have to vote to — I don’t know.” She and couple others in there in supposedly risky reelections are being targeted to, you know, do a Jeff Flake, essentially, and bail on the president. It doesn’t sound like she is of that mind-set here at all, so I just wanted to point this out.


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