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Sen. Paul: Health officials 'can't stand good news' about pandemic because 'they are big government people'

Added 04-06-21 09:29:02pm EST - “"We should not have government? mandates based on what we don't? know.? We should make mandates based on? what we do know," Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, told "Your World" Tuesday.” - Foxnews.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Foxnews.com: “Sen. Paul: Health officials 'can't stand good news' about pandemic because 'they are big government people'”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

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"We should not have government mandates based on what we don't know. We should make mandates based on what we do know," Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, told "Your World" Tuesday.

PAUL: Here's the thing about Dr. Fauci. When they can prove something is a real problem, let's consider a mandate. The last time he [Dr. Fauci] had the pushback with me, he said, "What about the variants? You may have had the infection or may have had the vaccine, but you may be susceptible to the variants." All of the studies so far show the vaccine works well against most of the variants and natural disease works very well against the variants. In fact, a study that came out in January from one of his [Fauci’s] own institutes, one of his scientists said that natural immunity, those that got it the natural way, have immunity to all the variants.

What we need to do is not push fearmongering. Is it perfect? No. The burden should be on government to prove there's widespread -- people that have had it or not getting it by the tens of thousands, or [that] people being vaccinated are still passing it along. Even the CDC admitted, before somebody made them roll it back, but the head of the CDC was on TV saying if you have been vaccinated, we discovered that you're not carrying it, you're not transmitting. This is good news. These people can't stand good news because that means you get out from under their thumb and you can go live your life. They don't want you to be free of their mandates. They like the idea of submission because most of these people, at heart, they are big government people.

So far the good news is that we're finding longstanding T-cell mediated immunity, memory immunity, to people that have had it. There's no big studies showing that we're getting widespread reinfection of those that have had it. It's very, very rare. Thirty-one million people have had it in our country. It's a handful to a couple of hundred that may have been reinfected and no surges related to reinfection. The people [who] get it again, if they do have already got some immunity. They're typically getting a mild form, if they get it again.


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