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SEIU: We found 39 million N95 masks -- and they'll cost you five bucks a pop

Added 03-26-20 06:35:02pm EST - “"The union has no financial interest in the transactions."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “SEIU: We found 39 million N95 masks -- and they'll cost you five bucks a pop”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

I laughed at this tweet by Tom Elliott: “There’s a non zero percent chance the mafia is involved here.”

It feels right. We’re a third-world country now in many respects. Our nurses wear trash bags because our leaders were too shortsighted and slovenly to stockpile PPE before a pandemic broke out. We’re governed by a nationalist strongman whose battle plan against the virus seems to be to give everyone some hydroxychloroquine and tell them to get back to work. Of course a society at that late stage of decline might need to turn to the mafia as a key distributor of supplies.

I don’t understand the claim here that SEIU “discovered” a distributor who was sitting on 39 million farking masks. The N95 is the gold standard, a respirator that fits tightly around the nose and mouth and filters out at least 95 percent of tiny particles. Doctors and nurses have been screaming for more of them for weeks. Trump and Mike Pence have called for donations to keep hospital workers stockpiled while the feds look to manufacture more. The masks are supposed to be single-use but they’re so scarce that medical personnel have taken to spraying them down with disinfectant and reusing them day after day while hoping for the best:

From an ER nurse (not on either of the coasts) who says they have inadequate supply of PPE: “I've used the same n95 four shifts in a row. At the end of the 12 hr mark, the n95 is be placed in a brown paper bag, face down to prevent contamination, and reused…

Anyone who’s sitting on 39 million masks surely understands what they do and why they’re desperately needed now. How were they only “discovered” this week?


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