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Scandalous #MeToo activist accused of creating FAKE Twitter account of bisexual Native American professor who ‘died' of Covid-19

Added 08-03-20 04:37:04am EST - “A controversial #MeToo activist has been accused of operating a Twitter account belonging to a non-existent bisexual Native American professor. Suspicions were raised after she announced that her ?friend' had died from Covid-19.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Scandalous #MeToo activist accused of creating FAKE Twitter account of bisexual Native American professor who ‘died’ of Covid-19”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

BethAnn McLaughlin, a neuroscientist who founded the nonprofit group MeTooSTEM, allegedly created a fictional professor at Arizona State University (ASU), and tweeted as the imaginary anthropologist under the handle @Sciencing_Bi. 

In an emotional eulogy for her purportedly made-up comrade, McLaughlin waxed poetic about how her friend worked tirelessly to help indigenous women overcome sexual assault and harassment. “She was powerful and she worked so stinking hard,” the #MeToo ringleader wrote. She even held a Zoom memorial for her departed, but apparently not real, compatriot. 

this arc culminated in a (retrospectively) hilarious eulogy thread by bethann, in which she really wants to hammer home that she had a cool Hopi friend

The fraud was only discovered after @Sciencing_Bi’s tragic ‘death’ prompted fellow academics and friends, none of whom had actually met the ASU ‘professor’, to begin asking questions. People started to wonder why there was no announcement from ASU about a faculty death. Further digging revealed that pictures posted by @scienceing_bi were actually stock photos. 

For what it’s worth, ASU’s spokesperson said they have been looking into reports about a potential death of a person claiming to be a faculty member for the last 24 hours, and have not been able to verify any connection to the university.


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