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Russia covered up explosion of James Bond themed superweapon

Added 10-21-19 02:35:03pm EST - “Things are getting seriously messy” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Russia covered up explosion of James Bond themed superweapon”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

We recently learned about Russia experimenting with a nuclear powered “superweapon” when everything went horribly wrong. No… not the original story. That was made to sound like a cruise missile with a nuclear reactor had blown up in midflight. This explanation has a bit of a twist. Apparently, more than a year ago, their secret weapon dropped into the White Sea. With a nuclear reactor on board. And it just… sat there. For a year.

This summer they decided to pick it up. (Thanks guys!) That’s when things really went pear-shaped and the reactor inside blew up, irradiating a wide area including some population centers. If there’s anything cool about this story it’s that we now know for sure that these superweapons don’t just go by the boring old name of 9M730 Burevestnik. They’re also called Skyfall. Doesn’t that just sound like something straight out of a James Bond movie? (Washington Times)

Russia covered up the deadly nuclear reactor explosion in August during the salvage at sea of one of Vladimir Putin’s new superweapons, a nuclear-powered cruise missile called Skyfall, a senior State Department official disclosed.

The reactor exploded Aug. 8 off the coast of the northern Russian town of Nenoska, killing seven Russians on a barge in the White Sea as they were overseeing the recovery of a sunken Skyfall. The missile had been sitting on the seafloor for about year after a failed flight test, said State Department official Thomas G. DiNanno.

“The explosion was caused by the Skyfall experiencing a criticality accident, an uncontrolled nuclear reaction that released a burst of radiation while Russian personnel retrieved it from the seafloor,” Mr. DiNanno said in an interview with The Washington Times.


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