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Rush Warned Us: The Obama Crowd Is Back Running Foreign Policy

Added 02-24-21 01:42:03pm EST - “TODD: They want to put the guy back in charge who negotiated, No, no. We'll bring 'em cash on pallets. We'll bring you cash. That's not negotiation. That's paying off terrorists.” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “Rush Warned Us: The Obama Crowd Is Back Running Foreign Policy”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

TODD: The Democrats have — Barack Obiden has — nominated William Burns to run the CIA. Who is Billy Burns? William Burns was one of the negotiators who decided so ship hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran illegally overnight in foreign currency on pallets in illegal shipment. It wasn’t just illegal ’cause it’s a ransom payment.

The reason they sent cash is they were not allowed to have a banking relationship (laughing) with Iran, a document that Obama had to sign multiple times. They want to bring this guy back, and this is business as usual for the establishment. Rush Limbaugh spoke about how establishment Democrats treat the enemies of this country.

RUSH: The president before Donald Trump was Barack Obama. And what did Barack Obama do to make deals with our enemies? Why, he gave them (laughing) nuclear power! He enabled them to make nuclear weapon weapons, and when that wasn’t enough, Obama delivered $150 billion of cash on pallets to the Tehran International Airport for the mullahs to come and sweep up and take back to their palace.

What did Kim Jong-un get? He didn’t get in on that action. Can you imagine Kim Jong-un thinking, “If I would have just tried to do this this Obama, look at how I could have profited! What might I have been able to get out of Obama that the Iranians did? Instead, I did a deal with Trump, and all I’ve got to show for it is a video demonstrating how there might someday be condos on my beaches.”

And make no mistake: Kim Jong-un saw what Obama did for the Iranians, and he’s gotta be kicking himself that he didn’t try to get in on some of that action. Timing is everything, as they always say. Trump made that point in his interview. He did Stephanopoulos first today. And Stephanopoulos said something along the lines (paraphrasing), “Well, now, you did a deal with this guy, and you’re constantly critical of the Iran deal, it’s a very low bar ’cause it was a bad deal.”


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