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Rush Proven Correct! Trump Made America Energy Independent, Biden Is Undoing It

Added 05-13-21 04:42:02pm EST - “TODD: Here's Rush proving beyond doubt that the left and now the party, they're not dumb. They simply don't have America's interests at heart.” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “Rush Proven Correct! Trump Made America Energy Independent, Biden Is Undoing It”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

TODD: You know, we’ve been talking about the inflation, and just before the program began today, we learned that the cost of blackmail has gone up. According to Bloomberg and other media sources, Colonial Pipeline has paid these hackers who locked up their equipment five million bucks in ransom.

So we talked about staple foods going up and fuel prices going up and lumber through the roof. In this America, this Kamala Harris with a strong assist by Joe Biden’s dementia, we’re in this situation now where the costs of blackmail has gone up. I have a just a prediction — and these are always dangerous to do, but I predict sometime in the next six months we’re gonna find out that Joe Biden’s dementia pressured the people at Colonial Pipeline to pay this money, or maybe even put taxpayer dollars into this.

Because they can’t avoid people panicking because they’ve made a habit of panicking people. Not a habit. They’ve made a tactic of panicking people. So consequently, people hear about this pipeline and get into the gas lines and are emptying out gas stations of all the available feel, and it makes perfect sense, because you had a year and a half of technocrats telling us that we’re in the balance, that this virus is gonna kill us all.

They let domestic terror groups run wild through the country, and unless you are Thomas Friedman at the New York Times, you knew they got to burn down American cities. So, of course people are gonna respond and go out want to buy things. This is a remarkable aspect of politics, that they take something like international relations, and they mystify it. They make it seem really complicated.

Look, global politics is complicated, but it also comes down to some basic human facts, like psychology. We are buying… What Biden would like us to do is go back to buying oil — our energy — countries that don’t like us and then don’t wish us well. If we really take a moment to assess how we’ve locked ourselves into, say, the Chinese Communist Party, there are a lot of Americans on a lot of medications that are highly addictive.


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