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Rush Predicted What Would Result from the Bailouts and Government Spending of 2008

Added 02-26-21 03:42:04pm EST - “TODD: Rush warned us what Biden would do; he's doing it.” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “Rush Predicted What Would Result from the Bailouts and Government Spending of 2008”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

TODD: Rush warned us what Biden would do; he’s doing it. Democrats want the so-called VP, Kamala Harris, to overrule the Senate parliamentarian’s guidance. By the way, that’s a career public servant.

We were told, “You don’t overrule career public servants.” They want Kamala Harris to rule that the minimum wage is in order in this process, which seems… Well, the Senate parliamentarian said, “What? That’s not an order.” President Trump will speak this weekend at CPAC. So of course, the left finds this dangerous.

Jack Dorsey put up this stupid warning. If you click on the CPAC thumb Twitter, it told you it’s possibly unsafe. It’s possible that that’s just the side effect of Jack Dorsey going through his day microdosing something or other. That’s a possibility. I have no proof that that’s not the case. So as Rush has warned us, the Democrats simply cannot drain the Treasury fast enough.

No one was better at talking us through the Democrats’ wasting of other people’s money than was Rush.

RUSH: Do you people remember in the 1980s during the great era of Reaganomics, which caused a 25-year economic boom to take place? Every bit of good economic news that’s taken place in this country since the eighties is due to Reaganomics, not the Clintons’ tax increases, not to anything Clinton did.


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