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Rush Is Right! Radicals Run Joe Biden's Presidency

Added 05-04-21 03:42:02pm EST - “KEN: An amazing insight and -- as always -- accurate, pinpoint accurate: If you look at the people that are puppeteering Joe Biden and you look at how easy he can be moved around.” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “Rush Is Right! Radicals Run Joe Biden’s Presidency”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

KEN: I don’t know if you saw this, the secretary of state Antony Blinken — or, as I like to say, Antony Blinked — and I’m quoting him: “Our purpose is not to contain China.” See, that’s the problem, Tony. Can I call you Tony? That’s the problem. That’s the problem with Biden. That’s the problem with the people that he surrounds himself with. Now, his handlers are different.

His handlers don’t give an inch. The people that are puppeteering Biden, like Obama, who lives two blocks away or whoever else may be involved, the puppeteers. But Biden is… Well, let me just say that Rush was so right. You know, Biden bends on pretty much everything. And the left… What has the left always done and Rush has always told us?

The left always will telegraph what they’re gonna do, and this is what they thought Biden’s best quality was! “Well, you know, he’s willing to cave…” What? He’s willing… No. Biden is willing to sell out America and put America fourth, fifth, or sixth if it’s good for him and then the party that supports him.

Rush spoke about the Marxist radical Angela Davis. She used to be involved with the U.S. Communist Party, and she even said Biden is the candidate who can be most effectively pressured.

RUSH: Angela Davis, former vice president, U.S. Communist Party. These Marxists and commie pinkos go all the way back to the sixties. Anyway, here is what she said about her group, the radical left and their preference in this presidential election.


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