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Roger Stone Launches Family Support Fund, Never Trumpers Immediately Attack His Wife

Added 05-17-19 05:41:02pm EST - “Being caught in the cross-hairs of the Mueller investigation is something that can cost you millions in legal fees, but also ruin your ability to earn a living. Few have suffered more at the hands of Robert Mueller's team of prosecutors…” - Thegatewaypundit.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Thegatewaypundit.com: “Roger Stone Launches Family Support Fund, Never Trumpers Immediately Attack His Wife”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stone, like many others who have become the subjects of Mueller’s wide-ranging “investigation,” most of his clients and longtime business relationships have been either terminated or put on hold until the outcome of the trial scheduled for November. As such, the Stone family has cut costs in nearly every aspect of their lives. They have moved from their Fort Lauderdale home to a small one-bedroom apartment, they have had to cut their health insurance, they have had to sell their car.

Despite all of this, the relentless fake news attacks on Stone’s integrity and a gag order issued from Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Mr. Stone has remained steadfast in his support of President Trump and maintained his commitment to prove himself not-guilty at trial. President Trump has praised his refusal to bear false witness, saying that Stone has “guts.”

On Thursday, his wife launched the Stone Family Support Fund, which aims to help the Stones pay for the basic necessities of life over the next few months. Not surprisingly, The Bulwark, a fake news publication that has become a haven for the Never Trump neocon losers who used to work at the defunct Weekly Standard, shamed Mrs. Stone for having the courage to ask for help.

The NeoCons are just as bad as the Democrats and alt-left losers peppered across the fake news media, they literally want us all penniless and disgraced for having the nerve to stop their precious Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton from reaching the White House.


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