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Report card findings: Kids need to get back to school, virtual classrooms are failing students

Added 10-25-20 06:50:03pm EST - “More students failing classes with online learning.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Report card findings: Kids need to get back to school, virtual classrooms are failing students”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

When schools closed last March due to the coronavirus pandemic, parents and students alike assumed that online classes would be a necessary but temporary move to help mitigate the spread of the highly contagious virus. Here we are seven months later and many students are still at home, receiving an education online. Recent findings from schools show that a higher rate of failure in one or more classes taught online is showing up across the country. The message is clear – students need to get back to school.

It can be scary for parents who worry about children potentially being exposed to the virus by classmates or school staff. It can be of concern to teachers, too, who fear that children will bring the virus into their classrooms. But, according to teaching professionals and parents who are seeing the results of a long shutdown, evidence of the lack of success by students receiving online education outweighs an abundance of caution from adults who do not feel ready to get back to a somewhat normal routine. Brick and mortar schools need to re-open and allow students to thrive in their studies.

In Lacey, Washington, one principal revealed during a school board meeting last week that too many students are failing one or more classes. The high school principal said that nearly half of all students have an F in one or more classes. Students understand that not all of their classmates have some of the necessities they need to keep up with schoolwork outside of the classroom.

During a school board meeting Tuesday, North Thurston’s Principal said nearly half of all his students were getting an ‘F’ in at least one class. It is a new phenomenon not typically seen during regular in-person instruction.

“That sounds shocking but it’s not very surprising at all,” said student Natalie Scott. “Online is showing the deeper divide of students.”


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