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Putin Makes Nuke Threat Amid Mass Military Mobilization

Added 09-21-22 05:49:02am EST - “It's the first mobilization ordered in Russia since World War II.” - Thedailybeast.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Thedailybeast.com: “Putin Makes Nuke Threat Amid Mass Military Mobilization”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

After Ukrainian counter-offensives forced Kremlin invaders into a string of humiliating retreats, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced a mobilization which will see around 300,000 troops called up in a dramatic escalation of the conflict.

In a televised address, the despotic leader unveiled his increase in force along with an unequivocal warning to the West over what he called “nuclear blackmail.”

“If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will use all available means to protect our people. This is not a bluff,” he said, adding that he had “lots of weapons to reply.”

The mobilization—the first ordered in Russia since World War II—stopped short of calling all of Russia’s 2 million reservists into action or instigating a full national draft. But the increase in manpower represents a significant moment in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine since Russian tanks first rumbled across the border in February.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said 300,000 people with some military experience would be included in the call-up, which has been widely reported as a “partial mobilization.” But experts have pointed out that the text ordering the mobilization says nothing about it being partial, nor is there any legal restriction on the Kremlin eventually being able to call up those without military experience. Fears of full-blown conscription may have been partially responsible for a spike in Google searches for “how to leave Russia” on Tuesday, Meduza reports.


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