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Putin Doubles Down on a Bad Hand With Mobilization

Added 09-21-22 04:34:03pm EST - “The war in Ukraine is going so bad, he's willing to risk domestic unrest.” - Foreignpolicy.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Foreignpolicy.com: “Putin Doubles Down on a Bad Hand With Mobilization”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

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Russian President Vladmir Putin announced a partial mobilization of Russian forces as Moscow’s army is losing ground in the seventh month of what was meant to be a three-day war in Ukraine.

Some 300,000 Russian reservists and men with previous military experience are expected to be called up to the ranks under a new decree which came into force on Wednesday, but it stops short of a full mobilization. The announcement came after a series of disastrous setbacks for Russia in eastern and southern Ukraine, where it has lost huge chunks of territory, equipment, and men. Putin finds himself caught between increasing pressure from Russia’s hawks in the security establishment, who have called for a full-scale mobilization, and fears that doing so could risk domestic political unrest. 

Western officials long predicted that any Kremlin effort to mobilize more troops for the war would create backlash in Russia, and protests broke out after Putin’s announcement. Many of the Russian troops dispatched to Ukraine thus far have been drawn from poorer families and remote regions of the country. With high levels of draft evasion among wealthier families, calling up those with previous military experience enables the Kremlin to stave off mobilizing the sons of the urban elite—those most likely to spark a backlash against a war that the Russian public has largely supported. 


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