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Protests and unrest break out in San Bernardino in response to deadly police shooting of armed man

Added 10-24-20 12:17:02pm EST - “Vandals were keying cars that drove near the protest” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Protests and unrest break out in San Bernardino in response to deadly police shooting of armed man”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

An armed man was shot and killed by a San Bernardino police officer on Thursday night. The deadly police shooting of 35-year-old Mark Matthew Bender Jr. sparked protests and civil unrest in San Bernardino, California, on Friday.

The officer was dispatched to the area at 11:16 p.m. in response to reports of a man jumping on vehicles in a parking lot, according to San Bernardino police Sgt. John Echevarria.

The San Bernardino Police released the 911 audio, in which the caller makes a complaint about a "man who's really drunk and he's waving around a gun."

"There's a man whos real drunk up here jumping on top of cars, he has a gun, and he's just going crazy," the caller told the police dispatcher. She described him as a black man with a white shirt and black shorts.

San Bernardino Police released body camera video, which shows the officer is in the parking lot approaching Bender, who fits the description of the 911 caller. The police officer pulls out his gun and points it at Bender. "Let me see your hands," the officer instructs Bender, who raises his hands briefly and then puts them back on his side. Bender continues to walk away from the officer and tells the cop, "Man, I'm going to the store."


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