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Prepare for BATTLE: Visual Tour of Health Ranger's Tactical Battle Belt Gear for Self-Defense, Survival

Added 05-30-19 02:42:02pm EST - “Video in danger of being instantly banned on YouTube” - Infowars.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Infowars.com: “Prepare for BATTLE: Visual Tour of Health Ranger’s Tactical Battle Belt Gear for Self-Defense, Survival”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

You’re about to see a video that would be almost instantly banned on YouTube: A visual tour of my “battle belt” that details the specific gear I carry on a “light recon” load out for self-defense and SHTF community defense scenarios.

The video also covers a unique configuration of backup sights and a pistol light mounted on a battle rifle, which achieves a very specific purpose in low-light shooting conditions (such as clearing your own home after a home invasion).

This load out is designed for hot weather climates and therefore doesn’t use a chest rig. It puts ammunition, first aid gear and other equipment in the center mass of your body, allowing you to easily carry a surprising amount of gear with minimal effort. Everything you’re about to see in this video is completely legal in Texas, where I’m based. It might not be 100% legal in communist-controlled regimes like California, so check your local laws and keep it legal. You can always add a chest rig or plate carrier to this setup.

As you’ll see from all my videos, I always recommend staying in compliance with local laws. Personally, I don’t own any SBRs or full-auto gear. I also emphasize that all this gear is about protecting the innocent, stopping criminals and upholding the rule of law. I do not condone the initiation of violence against anyone, but I do train to stop violence being carried out against innocent people.

Interestingly, when I’m at public shooting ranges, cops and sheriff’s deputies are always asking me about my gear and asking for my advice on their gear. This video helps answer a lot of those questions. Truth be told, with SWAT being the exception, most cops and deputies have shockingly crappy gear and are often lacking in proficiency on how to use that gear. If you are relying on cops to protect you against violent criminals, you are putting your faith in the wrong place.


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