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Police Tase Man in His Home After Relative Calls Fire and Rescue for a Drug-Related Emergency

Added 12-06-21 06:21:02pm EST - “The victim denied police permission to search his home. Cop shouted, "I don't need your permission!"” - Reason.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Reason.com: “Police Tase Man in His Home After Relative Calls Fire and Rescue for a Drug-Related Emergency”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Travis Richardson is suing two Virginia cops for assault and battery and excessive force, among other claims. The officers tased him in his own home in August 2019, after he denied them permission to search for a suboxone prescription that he said he had but they insisted he did not.

The story began when Richardson had a drug-related medical emergency, prompting a relative to call for emergency medical assiatance. Fire and rescue pros were already helping Richardson when the police arrived. Richardson told the officers that he had taken suboxone, and he insisted that he had a prescription for it. The cops insisted that he did not, and they asked to see proof. According to his lawsuit, Richardson "provided the name of his doctor to Deputy Smith" and "pointed in the direction of his bedroom" to indicate where the prescription might be, but did not give permission for the officers to search for it.

Video of the interaction that resulted, including the tasing, can be seen in this tweet from Richardson's lawyer, Joshua Erlich:

Watch as Dep. Daren Smith of @SpotsySheriff calmly tells Travis Richardson "I'm gonna tase you bro" and attacks Travis from behind. Travis calls out to his grandma for help. Smith tases him again.

According to the lawsuit, Spotsylvania County Deputy Thomas Grasso grabbed Richardson from his bathroom. Richardson was asking why this was happening when Deputy Daren Smith "approached Mr. Richardson from behind and said, 'I'm going to tase you.' At that time, Mr. Richardson was compliant and non-threatening. Deputy Smith had not given Mr. Richardson any verbal instruction and Mr. Richardson had not demonstrated anything other than a willingness to comply with the instructions given to him by the deputies."


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