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Pebblebee Clip review: Outdoes Apple's AirTag with rechargeable battery, LEDs, and choice

Added 08-08-22 06:15:03am EST - “This compact tracker with a built-in keyring mount has several advantages, including choosing whether to use the Find My network or a personal proximity app.” - Macworld.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Macworld.com: “Pebblebee Clip review: Outdoes Apple's AirTag with rechargeable battery, LEDs, and choice”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

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Apple is worth trillions, but that doesn’t mean it gets everything right. Started on the back of a Kickstarter project in 2014, the tiny firm Pebblebee has produced a range of compact tracking products. Its latest, Pebblebee Clip, outshines Apple’s AirTag tracker in most important regards except weight.

The Clip works with Apple’s Find My network just like an AirTag, although Pebblebee has put in a larger battery to power a higher-powered Bluetooth transmitter. The battery is rated for six months on a single charge–that’s right, it’s a rechargeable battery, sporting a built-in USB-C jack and including a short USB-C to Type-A cable. It has an attractive matte black finish on its plastic center and metal frame and keyring, with just a tiny bit of concavity around its center on both sides. The package includes a snap-on metal keyring.

Curved LED panels on two edges of the Clip reveal the current battery level when you hold down its logo-button for about four seconds—different LED colors indicate the current charge. Its power level is also available via the Find My app, like other trackers; or, via the Pebblebee app when you choose that network.

The LEDs also come into play when you trigger the device to produce a sound, or when it crosses any of the Apple triggers for potentially unwanted tracking. The Clip blinks as an additional alert to the loud, unique tuneful sound it omits. That light can help when you’re trying to find something in the dark, when you’re in a loud environment, or if you are hard of hearing or deaf.


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