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Parents Of Parkway School District In St. Louis Alarmed Over Controversial Survey Question On Race

Added 12-11-19 03:04:45pm EST - Responses we have seen range from “Horrible” to “What. The. F**K. Totally ridiculous and inexcusable”.


Posted By The News Commenter: Students of Parkway School District in St. Louis, Missouri are doing a double take when they come across a survey question regarding their feelings on their teacher's race. At first glance, the question seems benign. “I’m more comfortable in classes where my teacher’s skin color matches my own.” Answer options include, "never", "rarely", "sometimes", and "often". Given the political climate and nefarious motives of activists embedded in our trusted institutions, it’s not surprising this question is raising some eyebrows.

Responses we have seen range from “Horrible” to “What. The. F**K. Totally ridiculous and inexcusable”.

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Who knows what the information is used for and what the motives are, but at this point it’s best if your kid answers correctly (or not at all). The wrong answer could earn him/her a nasty label for life.

I think a different question needs to be asked. Who cares? Your job is to educate our children, not get them twisted in knots about race and gender. It’s a complete distraction and only logical conclusion is you are either incompetent and lost your way chasing virtue down a rabbit hole or worse, intentionally trying to corrupt our children. Either way, as your focus on social engineering increases (at the detriment of reading, writing, and arithmetic), your enrollment will decrease.

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