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Pakistani pop star faces 2 years in jail after ‘threatening' Modi with snakes in viral video

Added 09-14-19 11:37:02pm EST - “A Pakistani singer has accused the local wildlife protection agency of doing Indian PM Narendra Modi's bidding after a video, that saw her posing with giant snakes and promising to set them at Modi, landed her in legal trouble.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Pakistani pop star faces 2 years in jail after ‘threatening’ Modi with snakes in viral video”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Rabi Pirzada, a Pakistani pop singer and a TV host, faces a fine and up to two years in jail after a clip of her cuddling a giant snake while denouncing New Dehli for revoking the Kashmir autonomy has gained traction online.

In the video, originally posted on the singer’s YouTube channel on September 2, and later picked up by local TV, Pirzada goes on an angry tirade berating Modi for “harassing Kashmiris” and saying that her reptile friends are special “gifts” for the Indian PM.

“See what I have prepared for you. So get ready to die in hell. Okay? And these friends of mine will feast on you,” the singer says in a clip, before introducing her menacing-looking friends, including an alligator.

ایک کشمیری لڑکی کی تیاری مودی کے خلاف، ویسے تو اس نے جہنم میں جانا ہی ہے، مگر اس جیسے انسا ن کی دنیا بھی جہنم ہونی چاہیے۔ #chotisibaat

The video, that was allegedly filmed in the singer’s beauty salon in Lahore, capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province,  has since racked up almost 100,000 views, making headlines in both Indian and Pakistani media.


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