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Painfully self-unaware Rolling Stone journo shames 'xenophobic' red state governors for 'hurling migrants at liberal cities'

Added 09-15-22 01:30:05pm EST - “"Lotta xenophobic liberals out there treating immigrants like they are stray cats."” - Twitchy.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Twitchy.com: “Painfully self-unaware Rolling Stone journo shames 'xenophobic' red state governors for 'hurling migrants at liberal cities'”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is public enemy number one today (along with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott), thanks to his decision to give pro-sanctuary-city liberals what they’ve been begging for by flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Seriously, the libs are mad. Real mad.

It’s been nothing short of illuminating — and totally predictable — to watch as the same people who shamed border states for complaining about being overwhelmed by migrants effectively crossing into the U.S. over an open border have shifted to complaining about being overwhelmed by migrants being sent to sanctuary cities in blue states. Take Rolling Stone senior politics reporter Asawin Suebsaeng, for example. He’s not just mad; he’s downright furious:

The hurling migrants at liberal cities and towns thing is narrowly funny in a meta way only because it’s premised on the assumption that everyone is as xenophobic and cold hearted as the governors and officials doing the hurling, and I don’t think they’ve once been proven right

Speaking of hurling, we kinda feel like hurling when we read tweets like Suebsaeng’s. Or, at the very least, rolling our eyes. It’s just an overdressed word salad that uses a lot of characters to communicate the fact that libs like Suebsaeng have zero self-awareness whatsoever and haven’t learned a damn thing from any of this.

Is he not aware that liberal mayors are complaining about the migrants sent to them? https://t.co/Olqn9o507Q


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