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One scientist's alternate theory if the UFOs weren't created by aliens

Added 03-28-20 07:35:02pm EST - “Perhaps not outer space, but inner space” - Hotair.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “One scientist's alternate theory if the UFOs weren't created by aliens”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

We haven’t touched on this topic in a while, but in my desperate search to find some news (any news!) not having to do with the you-know-what, I ran across this interesting item. A physicist from the University of Albany and a former scientist for NASA, Kevin Knuth, was interviewed about his recent work involving unidentified aerospace phenomena (UAPs, or UFOs as I still insist on calling them). He shares a number of his thoughts about the subject, including the work he’s been doing analyzing the performance data of the objects seen in the Navy UFO videos that we’ve discussed here previously.

Given the data showing that the objects can accelerate almost instantly, at roughly 5,000 times the base acceleration rate of gravity, the idea that we’re observing some sort of conventional advancement of current human technology is highly unlikely. Knuth says he isn’t completely “married” to the idea that these are definitely extraterrestrial in nature. That’s one possibility, but there’s another one out there worth considering. These might have been built by humans after all, just not humans that most of us are aware of. (Altamont Enterprise, emphasis added)

Before the coronavirus hit, Knuth was scheduled to give a lecture at the Carey Institute for Global Good in Rensselaerville, where he would have presented the findings of his most recent study into the acceleration patterns of some of these unidentified crafts, which he says are up to 5,000 times the acceleration of gravity and indicate an unnatural, and inhuman, origin.

Knuth said that he’s not entirely married to the concept of these sightings as evidence of extraterrestrial life, acknowledging that there are two working hypotheses that he entertains while approaching each incident. One is that the encounters are perpetrated by extraterrestrials. The other, known as the “Wakanda hypothesis” in reference to the eponymous fictional kingdom in the Black Panther comic series, considers the possibility of an Earth-based civilization that has “extreme technology,” Knuth said.

“For me, it suggests that we missed some physics somewhere,” Knuth said on how he reconciles the still relatively unpopular field of UFO research with more mainstream branches of science.


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