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NYC: Replace male statues in Central Park with women

Added 09-18-19 02:35:02pm EST - “That should fix everything” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “NYC: Replace male statues in Central Park with women”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Having solved all other problems in Gotham, a member of the Public Design Commission in New York City has decided that they need to tackle the truly serious challenges. In Central Park, there are several statues depicting men of historical and social significance. But they’re men, you see. So they have to go. And then we can replace them with statues of women. Once that’s finished, Bob’s your uncle and all of our gender disparity issues will be solved. (NY Post)

A member of the commission that oversees art and architecture on city property suggested Monday that instead of simply adding statues of historical female figures to Central Park, the panel yank out some of the male ones first.

“There are what, five or six [male] statutes that I think could easily be replaced by individual statues of each of these women,” said Hank Willis Thomas, a painter who serves on the Public Design Commission, at a hearing at City Hall.

Thomas appeared to be specifically fingering statues including that of Scottish poet Robert Burns, in the park’s Literary Row, and the one of Christopher Columbus in the park, near the famed second one of the explorer in Columbus Circle, for removal.

I’ll confess to being a bit confused when I initially saw the headline at the Post. It suggested that the commissioner wanted to replace all the male statues with women. I was thinking… so you want to tear down the statues and hire women to stand there? But no. He wants statues of women. Fair enough.


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