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North Korea mobilizes military to battle epidemic

Added 05-15-22 08:37:04pm EST - “North Korea's Kim Jong-un has criticized public health sector officials for "irresponsible work attitude" amid a widening Covid-19 outbreak” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “North Korea mobilizes military to battle epidemic”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has criticized top public health sector officials for their “irresponsible work attitude” amid a widening outbreak of Covid-19, ordering the country’s military forces to provide assistance stabilizing the situation. 

Speaking at an emergency politburo meeting on Sunday, Kim Jong-un issued an order “on immediately stabilizing the supply of medicines in Pyongyang City by involving the powerful forces of the military medical field of the People's Army,” according to the state-run KCNA.

It is unclear how exactly the military will be involved in the nationwide effort to halt the spread of the mysterious “fever,”  but Kim specifically emphasized the need “to correct the vulnerable points in medicine supply system and take strong measures for transporting medicines.”

The order comes after Kim complained that the drugs released from the state stockpiles “have not been supplied to inhabitants through pharmacies correctly in time.” He accused civilian officials in charge of the epidemic response of “not properly recognizing the present crisis but only talking about the spirit of devotedly serving the people.”

North Korea has been battling an “explosive” spread of the disease since late April, with a “maximum emergency quarantine system” and strict lockdowns introduced nationwide last week. Authorities have confirmed that at least one patient died carrying the Covid-19 Omicron variant, but without mass testing and vaccination programs they have stopped short of attributing any other cases to the virus behind the global pandemic.


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