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No wonder Queen is not amused Prime Ministers are meant to keep quiet says RICHARD KAY

Added 09-19-19 11:36:02pm EST - “RICHARD KAY: The Queen has always strived to be above politics. At the time of the referendum, Buckingham Palace was at great pains to stress that it was a matter for the Scottish people” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “No wonder Queen is not amused by David Cameron gaffe says RICHARD KAY”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

No figure in public life has a greater capacity for patience nor had that forbearance tested more often than the Queen.

In recent times, provocations have come thick and fast, but still she has weathered them all with the same remarkable self-restraint that has so often served her through her 67 years as monarch.

The stern rebuke from Buckingham Palace to former Prime Minister David Cameron for speaking out about how he sought her help ahead of the Scottish independence vote in 2014 is the clearest signal that she considers it not only a mere breach of good manners — plenty of politicians, including ministers, have done that in the past — but an abuse of the sacred trust that must exist between Sovereign and Prime Minister.

We can be certain that the view which emanated in a coded briefing from royal aides to the BBC that there was an ‘amount of displeasure’ over Mr Cameron’s remarks fully reflects the Queen’s attitude.

The intervention was reminiscent of the extraordinary ‘The knives are out for Fergie’ headline in 1992 when, following her separation from Prince Andrew, Palace officials attacked the Duchess of York’s ‘unruly behaviour’ and questioned her suitability for royal life.


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