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‘No new directives, period': New York lawmakers vote to strip Governor Cuomo of emergency Covid powers with veto-proof majority

Added 03-06-21 12:37:02am EST - “Legislators in New York have sent a bill to Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk seeking to eliminate his "temporary" emergency pandemic powers, securing a veto-proof majority to impose stricter limits on the state government.” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “‘No new directives, period’: New York lawmakers vote to strip Governor Cuomo of emergency Covid powers with veto-proof majority”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Both chambers of the state legislature approved the bill on Friday in a largely party-line vote, with most Republicans opposing the measure on the grounds that it does not go far enough in curbing Cuomo’s authorities. With sizable Democrat majorities in the State Assembly and Senate, however, the law passed with ease.

“Today, under this new legislation the governor will no longer be able to issue any new directives, period,” said Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, a Democrat. “In light of recent events, however, it is clear that we need to move toward a system of increased oversight, review and verification between the Legislature and the executive branch, and also limit the powers granted to the governor.”

Though Cuomo said during a Wednesday press conference that he is not opposed to the bill, a veto-proof majority has effectively tied his hands.

Democrat Sen. Mike Gianaris, however, accused Cuomo of lying in his description of the law during the Wednesday presser, saying “There was no agreement between the House and the legislature and the governor on this bill.”

“It may surprise my colleagues or not that this governor might tell a lie, but that's in fact what happened. Why would he agree to sign it? I can speculate. I can speculate that he didn't want to be embarrassed by the fact that the Legislature was repealing his emergency powers and is trying to pretend that he had something to do with it,” Gianaris said.


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