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‘No longer activism, just marketing': NBA mocked after list of approved ‘social justice' slogans for jerseys leaked to media

Added 07-04-20 01:37:02am EST - “The National Basketball Association has kicked off controversy after the league reportedly approved a set list of progressive slogans players may wear on their jerseys ?" a move slammed as a hollow corporate marketing ploy.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “‘No longer activism, just marketing’: NBA mocked after list of approved ‘social justice’ slogans for jerseys leaked to media”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The catalogue of acceptable opinions was leaked to ESPN on Friday, featuring 29 pithy ‘social justice’ mottos, among them “I Can’t Breathe,”“Power to the People,”“Speak Up” and, of course, “Black Lives Matter.” The fixed list was agreed to by the league itself and its athlete’s union, the National Basketball Player’s Association.

According to ESPN, players will be permitted to display the message above their jersey numbers for the first four days after the postponed NBA season starts back up. After that point, athletes will have the option of returning to their normal uniform, or to leave the message intact while moving their name below their number.

Though little else is known about the agreement between the NBA and the union, netizens were put off by the sanctioned slogans, suggesting the project was more a creation of a corporate focus group than players’ free expression.

I fully expect that stuff like this would’ve made up 99% of the statements on players’ jerseys, but it’s disappointing the NBA has an approved list of statements. This no longer has the feel of free speech or activism. Just marketing. Like corporate accounts posting black squares

The NBA’s social justice messages worn by multi-millionaires must be approved by a consortium of billionaires? Totally normal for a revolution.


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