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New Jersey governor freezes (or seizes?) bank account of gym that refused to close

Added 01-18-21 11:35:01am EST - “Stole their legal defense fund” - Hotair.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “New Jersey governor freezes (or seizes?) bank account of gym that refused to close”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

This sounds more like the plot to a dystopian film from the future than an actual headline in the American press, but it’s apparently real. In New Jersey, the Atillis Gym in Bellmawr, has been defying Governor Phil Murphy’s lockdown orders and other restrictions on operations during the pandemic. This led to a legal battle over the shutdown orders and alleged violations. Such a court fight can really run up someone’s legal bills, so co-owner Ian Smith set up a legal defense fund that soon racked up nearly $200,000. But he and his partner received an unpleasant surprise when they opened their most recent bank statement. According to Smith, the account containing the donations had been emptied by the state. That claim is being disputed, but something definitely happened between the bank and the New Jersey state government and Atillis Gym no longer has access to the funds. (Washington Examiner)

A New Jersey gym owner who has stayed open in defiance of coronavirus lockdowns said the state emptied a bank account containing almost $200,000.

“As of yesterday morning, my partner and I checked the bank statement … and we had no money in our bank account,” Atilis Gym co-owner Ian Smith told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Thursday night.

The day before, Smith tweeted that New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy “and his cronies” had seized their legal defense fund, which amounted to $173,613.

Moments ago @GovMurphy and his cronies seized 100% of @TheAtilisGym legal defense money ($173,613.60) in the middle of our appeals process – effectively and intentionally interfering with our right to council. If you think that’s gonna make us stand down, you’re delusional.


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