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Nevada residents are bracing for Storm Area 51 tomorrow

Added 09-19-19 10:35:02am EST - “Nobody is going to "see dem aliens"” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Nevada residents are bracing for Storm Area 51 tomorrow”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Well, tomorrow is the day if you believe all the hype. The #StormArea51 movement, which has since been completely abandoned by its original creator, took on a life of its own. And now, the residents of tiny Rachel, Nevada (population approximately 50) are watching the first people arriving and the town seems to be holding its breath. Will there just be a handful of curious geeks or will thousands of UFO enthusiasts descend on them? (Associated Press)

“It’s happening. We already have people from all over the world,” Little A’Le’Inn proprietor Connie West said Wednesday from her bustling cafe and motel, where volunteers have arrived from Poland, Scotland, Australia, Florida, Idaho and Oklahoma.

Neighbors, elected officials and event organizers said the craze sparked by an internet joke inviting people to “see them aliens” might become a cultural marker, a monumental dud or something in between.

Area 51′s secrecy has long fueled fascination about extraterrestrial life, UFOs and conspiracy theories, giving rise to the events this week and prompting military warnings not to approach the protected site.

It’s probably safe to assume that all six rooms at the Little A’Le’Inn (yes, that is the total number of hotel rooms available in the entire town) are already occupied. The proprietor set up camping spaces for hundreds more and she should do well for herself this weekend if they are all sold out. Officials have taken down the iconic “Extraterrestrial Highway road sign (sorry, selfie addicts) on the assumption that somebody would probably try to steal it.


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