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Murdered cop Sharon Beshenivsky's daughter, 18, will join the police

Added 01-25-20 10:36:03am EST - “Aged 18, Lydia Beshenivsky is the spitting image of her late mother, murdered police officer Sharon, who was gunned down attending an incident in Bradford in 2005.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Murdered cop Sharon Beshenivsky's daughter, 18, will join the police”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Those who knew the 38-year-old constable before she was shot dead on her daughter's fourth birthday say she laughs like her as well. She'd like to be a policewoman too, just like Mum — much to her father's understandable horror.

'I wish I did. There's just a hole where she used to be and no memories to fill it. There's literally nothing there. It's become more of a heartache as I've grown up because, obviously, I want to know her. You think, 'I wish I could do this with her or that with her.' But you can't. She's gone.'

Lydia Beshenivsky (pictured) is murdered police officer Sharon Beshenivsky who was shot dead on her daughter's fourth birthday 

Two months ago, Lydia celebrated her 18th birthday. The same day she went to her mother's police memorial in Bradford, as she does every year, to lay some flowers.

'I've done it since I was 15,' she says. 'My birthday still gets celebrated, but thoughts of Mum are still there. You think, 'why did she have to die on my birthday? Why did she have to die at all? Why are there such sick people out there?' She's not just referring to the gang who shot her mother dead as she responded to a robbery at a travel agent in Bradford in 2005.


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