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Morning Joe Blasts Fox News Viewers Who Sent Anti-Vax Hate Mail: ‘At Least Neil Cavuto Can Laugh About It'

Added 10-27-21 08:34:02am EST - “The set of Morning Joe expressed empathy to Neil Cavuto after the Fox News anchor aired viewer's 'nasueating' hate mail regarding his plea for vaccinations.” - Mediaite.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Mediaite.com: “Morning Joe Feels for Fox's Neil Cavuto After He Got 'Naseauting' Hate Mail: At Least He Can Laugh About it”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The MSNBC set of Morning Joe expressed sincere empathy for Neil Cavuto after the Fox News anchor shared hate mail he received from viewers upset that he encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. So while there was clearly goodwill for their fellow television personality, the goodwill came with a healthy dose of disgust for some vocal Fox News viewers.

Cavuto revealed last week that he had Covid-19, which was complicated by the fact that he is immunocompromised that comes with his Multiple Sclerosis. Cavuto implored Fox News viewers to get vaccinated during a moving appearance on Mediabuzz this weekend.

During his Tuesday return to hosting his daily show, Cavuto then proceeded to share hate mail he received in the graceful, humorous, and self-effacing manner in which he hosts his show. The messages, however, were really ugly, and put the perspective of at least some viewers, in stark relief.

Willie Geist introduced the segment with genuine empathy for Cavuto before airing a portion of the Fox News segment that featured at least one death wish from a viewer, which Jonathan Lemire fairly called out as “nauseating.” Eddie Glaude, Jr. then noted that what Cavuto was putting on full display was nothing more than “cancel culture,” a term that many on the right like to use against the left.

The segment was in many ways a microcosm of a cable news dynamic: genuine empathy for a competing television host but delivered dripping with animus towards his or her viewers. And in this instance, the animus and criticism are entirely justified.


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