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Mom Of 13-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Says Son Was Raped In School Classroom

Added 08-19-19 10:26:07pm EST - “The mother claims that the suspect, reportedly a school employee, was allowed to continue working for several days after the incident.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Mom Of 13-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Says Son Was Raped In School Classroom”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

A mother in South Africa has accused a staff member at a school for kids with disabilities of raping her 13-year-old son.

The man, who was reportedly a groundskeeper at the school in Benoni, allegedly locked the young teen, who has with Down syndrome, in a classroom and sexually assaulted him, the South African daily newspaper Sowetan reports.

The teen’s mother, who remained anonymous to protect her son’s identity, told the paper that she was “frantic” when she came to pick him up at school on Aug. 5 and he wasn’t waiting for her in his usual spot. When all the buses and other transport had left the school, the distraught mother got out of her car and began crying. She said a teacher and the vice principal helped her search for her son.

“We walked around the school calling out his name but he did not respond,” she told Sowetan. “I was scared and confused and didn’t know where else I would look for him.”

The mother said she eventually saw the groundskeeper running in the hallway and he slowed his pace to a walk when he saw the teachers with her. The worker asked them what was wrong, the mother said, and then told them that the missing teen was probably asleep in one of the classrooms.


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