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Minnesota to release findings on clean fuel standard discussions in February

Added 01-24-22 12:23:01pm EST - “Minnesota state officials are preparing to release a new environmental initiative.” - Washingtonexaminer.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Washingtonexaminer.com: “Minnesota to release findings on clean fuel standard discussions in February”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The paper will highlight common themes of the responses the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Department of Transportation have heard through meeting with stakeholders and the general public. The most recent meeting, the last in a series that began in December, was held Thursday.

In its stakeholder slideshow presentation, the state defined a clean fuel standard as “a performance-based incentive program that reduces climate pollution of all fuels.” It’s based on lifecycle carbon accounting, and it assigns carbon intensity scores to all fuels.

Three states – California, Oregon and Washington (in 2021) – have established their own clean fuel programs. New Mexico, Colorado and New York are considering it.

Minnesota Department of Transportation Assistant Commissioner Tim Sexton told meeting attendees that Minnesota could learn from those states’ actions while designing its own program that would reflect Minnesota values. He said that it is important to Gov. Tim Walz that any program put in place would address equity and environmental justice.

Sexton said the department has met with about 400 people who represent stakeholder groups, including those from the agriculture sector, business organizations and trade organizations. They have heard that stakeholders want the policy to be part of a broader group of policies to protect the environment, that it is fuel-neutral and that it provides incentives, to foster market-driven innovation that promotes job growth in the state.


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