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Minneapolis has a George Floyd autonomous zone where police struggle to respond to calls for help

Added 09-21-20 01:35:02pm EST - “"This is not a safe area for officers..."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Minneapolis has a George Floyd autonomous zone where police struggle to respond to calls for help”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

There’s a sign set up in the street in Minneapolis that reads “You are now entering the free state of George Floyd.” Four square blocks were blocked off from traffic by the city to protect those visiting the George Floyd memorial but over time this has apparently been turned into an autonomous zone similar to the CHAZ/CHOP that existed in Seattle over the summer.

9.11.2020 / Minneapolis, MN The Free State of George Floyd is a autonomous zone run by the locals, hosting George Floyd’s memorial, community gardens, medic stations neighbours, memorial cemetery, hygienic stations, and vibrant local art. organisations.

And just like at CHAZ/CHOP there have been serious problems. Last month the owner of an auto body shop was seriously injured in a robbery attempt but police and EMS were unable to get to him for nearly 15 minutes because of the barricades and the people guarding them.

The owner of Mill City Auto Body, who asked to only be identified by his first name, Dan, was knocked unconscious during an assault and robbery at his business on Aug. 5.

“I had a broken cheekbone, teeth missing, stitches in my head and I was knocked out,” Dan said. “It took police and the ambulance a very long time to get here because they had a hard time getting inside the barricades.”


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