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Mini-review for a mini-device: The Puppy Cube touch-controlled projector

Added 10-30-18 10:10:02am EST - “This projector would be great for camping trips, but it won't replace your TV at home.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Mini-review for a mini-device: The Puppy Cube touch-controlled projector”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

A few months ago, I bought a couple of cookbooks on Amazon. As usual, I got the ebooks, which I greatly prefer. But unlike all my other ebooks, I ended up not using these. The problem was that I wanted to look through my new Thug Kitchen cookbooks in the kitchen, but I didn't want to get my tablet all gross—and I felt like the screen was a little small anyway.

So I got excited when the folks behind the Puppy Cube reached out to ask if I'd like to review a short-throw, touchscreen projector.

I spent an hour or so playing with Puppy Cube on the kitchen counter, and it did a pretty impressive job.

While Puppy Cube can accept a mini-HDMI input, it's not the real focus of the device; it's a mostly full-featured Android device capable of accessing just about any Internet-accessible media all by itself. It's generally best used in landscape mode (the interactive display is noticeably more accurate that way), but if you have an app that is determined to use portrait, that works, too.

I started out accessing my copy of Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook from Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader, which was frankly kind of a pain. You have to tell Firefox to request the desktop site or Amazon silently redirects you to the store with no indication of what's going on or why. Once you get to the Cloud Reader, everything works swimmingly, though.


Watch the video:

Watch the video:

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