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Middlebury College deplatformed a speaker last week citing security concerns

Added 04-24-19 09:35:02pm EST - “"A 'liberal arts college' that bans speech is like a 'cigar bar' that forbids smoking."” - Hotair.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “Middlebury College deplatformed a speaker last week citing security concerns”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Middlebury College was the scene of an ugly student protest against Charles Murray two years ago that left one professor in a neck brace. Professor Allison Stanger later said she feared for her life that night, though she wasn’t even the main focus of outrage and was, in fact, a liberal Democrat. Last week Middlebury made news again, this time for disinviting a speaker hours before the event was scheduled to take place on the grounds that the safety of students (presumably their physical safety) couldn’t be guaranteed. You can probably guess why. Because student activists were planning to protest. From Inside Higher Ed:

An email that went out to the campus hours before the scheduled appearance by Ryszard Legutko said, “In the interest of ensuring the safety of students, faculty, staff and community members, the lecture by Ryszard Legutko scheduled for later today will not take place. The decision was not taken lightly. It was based on an assessment of our ability to respond effectively to potential security and safety risks for both the lecture and the event students had planned in response.”

They went on to write that due to location changes and an increased number of expected attendees, “we didn’t have the staff capacity” to assure safety…

Legutko is a professor of philosophy at Jagiellonian University, in Kraków. He is also a member of the European Parliament and is associated with far-right views that have growing support in Eastern Europe. He has offended many groups, and criticism at Middlebury has noted his support for discrimination against gay people. His fans note his stance against dictatorship in the era when the Soviet Union controlled Poland.

The heckler’s veto wasn’t completely successful as Legutko did give a speech in one professor’s classroom which was partially streamed online. Legutko is a Catholic who still has a traditional view of marriage. That position, held (at least publicly) by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton until a few years ago was one of the main reasons students wanted him disinvited. Princeton University professor Robert P. George tweeted this in response to the situation:


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