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Mexico condemns Western Ukraine policies

Added 06-14-22 11:37:05pm EST - “Mexican President Andres Obrador slammed the West for "immoral" policies toward Ukraine, suggesting they will only result in more bloodshed” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “Mexico condemns Western Ukraine policies”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has slammed Western countries for their approach to the conflict in Ukraine, suggesting that waves of foreign arms shipments will only result in more bloodshed. 

Speaking to reporters for his daily press briefing on Monday, Obrador took a brief aside to criticize the bellicose Ukraine policies pursued by some nations. While he stopped short of citing any by name, he said those sending weapons to Kiev – a move strongly favored by the United States and its NATO allies – are helping to rack up casualties on all sides.

“How easy it is to say: ‘There I send so much money for weapons, I provide the weapons and you provide the dead.’ It is immoral,” he said, adding “Couldn’t the war in Ukraine have been avoided? Of course. The policy failed and look at the damage it causes, the loss of human lives.” 

The president did not elaborate on how the hostilities could have been averted, but went on to say that “the same policy must no longer continue,” claiming it is driven by “elites” and not “the people.”

Though Mexico has stated that it does not support Russia’s attack on its neighbor, it has refused to join a Western sanctions spree targeting the Russian economy and has refrained from weapons transfers to the government in Kiev. Obrador, meanwhile, declared last month that his country seeks to “remain neutral” toward the conflict, notwithstanding pressure from Washington, whose envoy Ken Salazar previously urged Mexican officials to “be in solidarity with Ukraine.” 


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