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#MeThree: Democrat Rep. Katie Hill Reportedly Involved in 'Throuple' Relationship with Female Staffer

Added 10-19-19 12:47:02am EST - “Rep. Katie Hill was allegedly involved in a "throuple" relationship and carried out a extramarital affair, a report from RedState claims.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “#MeThree: Democrat Rep. Katie Hill Reportedly in 'Throuple' Relationship”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RedState obtained text messages and photos which allegedly suggest that Rep. Katie Hill — who is currently undergoing divorce proceedings — carried out a two-year relationship with one of her female staffers, who was hired in 2017. Hill’s husband, Kenny Heslep, was reportedly part of the “throuple” relationship, a term used to describe three individuals involved in a consensual romantic relationship.

According to RedState, the three — Hill, Heslep, and the young female staffer — “took multiple vacations together, including to Alaska, where this photograph was taken.” The image referenced allegedly shows a censored image of Hill brushing the staffer’s hair in the nude. Other images allegedly show Hill and the staffer kissing.

According to RedState, the “throuple’s” relationship changed once Hill moved to D.C., and Hill “broke off her relationships with both Heslep and the staffer, claiming she wanted to focus on ‘this important work’ and that it wasn’t fair to be involved in a relationship.” The outlet shared screenshots of text messages allegedly between Hill and the staffer, who was “distraught and trying to figure out how to move on with her life.”

In one text, the staffer asks Hill if she ended their relationship due to the “political risk.”

“No. I mean I guess maybe partially. Honestly, though, it’s that I want to be alone,” Hill allegedly replied. “I don’t want to be accountable to anyone else. I want to be entirely focused on this work that I think is so important.”


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