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Media Melts Down Over Sturgis Bike Week, Forgets They Gave BLM and Antifa a Virus Pass

Added 08-08-20 06:38:07pm EST - “The left's hysteria and hypocrisy on full display” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Media Melts Down Over Sturgis Bike Week, Forgets They Gave BLM and Antifa a Virus Pass”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

There they go again. The leftwing, its media and social media activists, are melting down over this week’s annual Sturgis bike rally.  Wuhan coronavirus, they alarm—completely aware that they have been excusing BLM and antifa riots, looting, vandalism, arson, murder, and mayhem for months now—is suddenly a huge threat to public health.

In its 80th year, the Sturgis bike rally is a tradition, a bit of Americana that still survives the leftist onslaught against out nation’s culture and heritage.  Sure, some in attendance may be affiliated with outlaw biker organizations, but many are just bike enthusiasts and hangers on (and wannabes).

Sturgis is one of the times each year when bike enthusiasts gather, and it’s just too much for the radical left intent on stomping out any and all behavior they do not condone and cannot control.

The left’s hysteria and hypocrisy are rampant.  How dare they rally when coronavirus is a pandemic and who cares about the months-long rallying of BLM and antifa?  Hardly the same thing at all since Sturgis will spike Wuhan coronavirus cases, while the “mostly peaceful” rioting, vandalism, arson, murder, and mayhem were exempted from coronavirus infection. Or something.

Thousands of bikers poured into the small South Dakota city of Sturgis as the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally rumbled to life despite fears it could lead to a coronavirus outbreak.


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