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Medhi Hasan Calls Out Jon Stewart's Criticism of Media: ‘Doesn't He Really Mean Right Wing Media?'

Added 10-18-21 11:34:02am EST - “MSNBC's Medhi Hasan called out Jon Stewart's criticism of the media for never de-escalating conflict, suggesting he conflated the media with right-wing media.” - Mediaite.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Mediaite.com: “Medhi Hasan Rips Jon Stewart Criticism and Blames Fox News ”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

At issue? Jon Stewart’s appearance on CNN Sunday morning in which he called out the media’s bias towards conflict to Jake Tapper. “The media does a terrible job at de-escalation,” the late-night comedian offered. “And de-escalation is the anecdote to all this nonsense. And I don’t mean civility, and I don’t mean non-partisanship. I mean focusing on things that are more urgent and elemental in people’s lives and really hammering away at those things.”

MSNBC’s Medhi Hasan aired that clip and then proceeded to take issue with how, in his esteem, Stewart got this wrong. And Hassan did so in such a way that not only escalated political conflict but really kind of proved Stewart’s point.

After airing the clip, Hassan started his toss to Ayman Mohyeldin by saying, “I adore Jon Stewart. I used to worship The Daily Show when he hosted it, but isn’t he falling into the trap of referring to the media as if it’s a monolith, the media when he really means right-wing media?”

I think most reasonable people would watch the entire interview on CNN’s State of the Union and come away from that he was, in fact, including CNN, in particular, in his entirely reasonable and measured criticism. The “media” very definitely has a bias towards conflict, which Stewart reasonably pointed out in the same manner as reporting on gravity or the need to breathe.

But Hasan had a different take. “I’ve spent this year focusing this show on elemental issues, democracy, climate, economy, covid. Fox has spent it on critical race theory and Dr. Seuss,” he noted before asking, “Why should I be lumped in with them?”


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