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Mattis Advises Biden to Take "America First" Out of National Security

Added 11-24-20 01:42:04pm EST - “RUSH: Globalism ultimately means a world without borders, for one thing, and it means a world without nation states. Do not doubt me on this.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Mattis Advises Biden to Take “America First” Out of National Security”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: Mad Dog Mattis, secretary of defense for a time during the Trump administration, wrote an op-ed in the deep state’s official foreign affairs publication called Foreign Affairs. He said he hopes that Joe Biden will, quote, “take ‘America first’ out of the U.S. national security strategy,” which confirms that Mattis is a globalist first, not an American first, and should have never been defense secretary.

He’s a general. Can’t change that. But, see, it’s this kind of thinking that seems to have made a lot of our so-called military leaders turn on Trump. I mean, this is absurd. He says he hopes Biden “will take ‘America first’ out of U.S. national security….” What in the world? Look at series of achievements and accomplishments of the Trump administration as a result of America first.

That’s what these people oppose! They oppose American greatness. They oppose America first. What in the world is wrong with America first? It doesn’t mean we slough everybody else off. It doesn’t mean we disrespect anybody else. It means that everybody else benefits from a stronger America. The world does not benefit from a be weakened America.

The world does not benefit from an America that gets watered down and diluted and is nothing special. The world doesn’t benefit from that. That’s what these guys all want. The globalists are demanding globalism, and what has to happen for globalism to succeed? The United States has to be cut down to size. You have to get rid of superpowers, essentially, or you have to have more than one so that there is “balance.”

So that there is some way to limit the bad, dangerous tendencies of the United States. This is what the American people voted for, but I don’t believe they knew it; that’s the problem. I don’t. Maybe they did. Look, I know that a certain number of Democrats did; don’t misunderstand. I know the Democrat Party, as constituted, has a whole bunch of anti-American types in it. But they’re not anywhere near majority of this was country.


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