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Makeup Artist Accuses Charlie Rose of Using Show to Sexually Abuse Her and Target Young Female Journalists

Added 09-20-19 04:34:02pm EST - “"Throughout the workday, and at work events, Mr. Rose routinely groped and pawed at his female staff."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Lawsuit: Charlie Rose Used Show to Target Young Female Reporters”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

In a lawsuit filed in New York’s Supreme Court, Gina Riggi, the former makeup artist for Charlie Rose, accused the talkshow host of using his program as a “sexual hunting ground” where he committed serial sexual misconduct against herself, other women on the set, and guests — particularly young female journalists.

Shortly after beginning work for the Charlie Rose show in 1995, Riggi alleged that she became a victim of Rose’s “misogynistic, abusive behavior” that led to a “toxic work environment suffused with sexual harassment and gender-based abuse.”

In her lawsuit against Bloomberg, the now-cancelled show’s lead makeup artist describes the abuse as constant: “Throughout the workday, and at work events, Mr. Rose routinely groped and pawed at his female staff, pressed himself against them, hugged them, kissed them, pulled them toward him, whispered in their ears, stared at their breasts, looked down their shirts, and otherwise subjected them to inappropriate and unwanted physical contact.”

Rose lost his show, which aired on PBS and Bloomberg, after a 2017 Washington Post story covered disturbing sexual abuse allegations against the  high-level media figure. Victims who spoke to the paper accused Rose of groping, physically approaching them while he was naked, and sexually harassing them over the phone. Since the Post‘s report, 27 more former Charlie Rose show employees have come forward with allegations about the host’s varying degrees of sexual misconduct.

Riggi’s allegations include claims that Rose committed these abusive acts at the Bloomberg studio, inside his home, and while taking weekends in the Hamptons, as well as groping his female victims inside cars, planes, hotels, and venues. The suit also describes Rose as staring at subordinates’ breasts and making inappropriate comments on their physical appearances. While describing the abuse of other victims aside from Riggi, she alleges that Rose, who had worked in media for decades during the airing of his self-titled talk show, particularly targeted young, inexperienced women journalists.


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