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MAISTROS: Pro-Lifers Shouldn't Worry About The Polls

Added 06-12-19 12:16:02am EST - “One man ?" or movement ?" with courage and truth is a majority” - Dailycaller.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Dailycaller.com: “MAISTROS: Pro-Lifers Shouldn’t Worry About The Polls”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

“Abortion poll: Most Americans oppose ‘fetal heartbeat’ laws,” a recent USA Today headline screamed. The story featured a survey where 55 percent of respondents opposed legislation that would prohibit abortion as early as the sixth week of pregnancy.

Yet in a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, 41 percent of participants said abortion should be allowed “only in case of rape and incest,” a standard more restrictive than heartbeat proposals. Another 29 percent felt that abortion should only be available only “until the end of the first trimester.” The survey found another 36 percent believe the Supreme Court should modify Roe. v Wade, while 18 percent believe the court should outright reverse  it.

Clearly, Americans are all over the place on abortion. What they want depends on what’s being asked and how — and how it’s presented in the media. After all, when passage of heartbeat bills generates overwhelmingly favorable coverage of protests — not to mention celebrity calls for sex strikes — it’s unsurprising that respondents would react negatively to the phrase.

Planned Parenthood and its lap dogs, on the other hand, are all in. Even as former Vice President Joe Biden abandoned a 40-year conviction in order to announce he now favors taxpayer-funded abortion, Democratic New York Sen. “Kowtow Kirsten” Gillibrand oozed in Iowa that there is “no fair other side” opposing abortion.

Gillibrand’s side knows opinion on social issues is malleable — and often, government-led. Courts impose a social mandate under the guise of “rights.” Society accepts and adjusts.


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