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Logic Pro X 10.5: How to get started with Apple's magical new Live Loops

Added 05-24-20 05:31:02pm EST - “Apple introduced the incredible new Live Loops in the latest Logic Pro X 10.5 update and it's now time to dive in to all of the new features it offers.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Live Loops: Geting started with Logic Pro X's killer new feature - 9to5Mac”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

It takes Apple about 40-pages to explain what this feature is really capable of, but that’s way to much information to take in at once when you just want to get started making music. So we thought it would be a good idea to focus on some of the most important elements and concepts of the grid-based creative environment so we can all get down to business and learn the intricacies naturally along the way. Explaining every in and out of Live Loops could easily fill a 500+ page manual, if not more, but understanding the basics and letting the rest come naturally seems to be the best way for most creatives to come to grips with a completely new way of working.

Live Loops is now just a part of Logic Pro. It is available on all existing sessions that are running on the updated software, or you can choose to ignore it all together. The tracks (lined up along the left hand side of the Tracks area) in your project, as well as the instruments and content they consist of, now appear in both the usual timeline area and Live Loops. It is important to understand, if it wasn’t already obvious, these are the same tracks and instruments you have loaded, not duplicates created just for a Live Loops environment.

Show/Hide Live Loops Grid Button – A small Live Loops Grid button now appears in the Tracks area menu bar in Logic Pro X next to the Tracks Area view button.

Show/Hide Tracks Area Button – The aforementioned Tracks Area button sits next to the Live Loops Grid button and will bring up the main Tracks area.

Both these toggles can be engaged for a sweet side-by-side view, showing both the Live Loops Grid and the familiar Tracks area. Or just use the key command Option-B to automatically bring up the split view.


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