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Laura Ingraham: I regret to inform you that Biden will be president

Added 11-24-20 11:50:02am EST - “"To say this constitutes living in reality."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Laura Ingraham: I regret to inform you that Biden will be president”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

This is a fascinating 90 seconds, both as a subject of Fox News Kremlinology and as a performance. Kremlinology: Why is Ingraham taking it upon herself to try to coax Sidney Powell fans back to reality, knowing how unhappy that’ll make them? Does she feel an ethical duty to do it? Did management put her up to it, recognizing that the longer the denial among the audience goes on, the more painful it’ll be for Fox? Is she just eager to transition MAGA Nation to a post-Trump populism? Ingraham’s one of the few major players in conservative media whose interest in nationalism seems a few inches deeper than “it’s what Trump believes so I believe it too.”

Performance-wise, it has the unmistakable feel of an intervention. You know me. You trust me. I am your friend. I’m going to approach you slowly now. Do not hate me for what I’m about to say. Watch, then read on.

Laura Ingraham breaks the news to her audience: If I told you there was an excellent phenomenal chance that the Supreme Court was going to step in and deliver a victory to President Trump, I’d be lying to you

This is anecdotal, but Sidney Powell may have done more to convince Republicans that Joe Biden actually won the election than any other single person.

If Powell were still a member of Trump’s “elite legal Delta Force ” or whatever, the skepticism of her on the right would be more restrained. There would have been no Rush Limbaugh monologue yesterday complaining that the emergence of the Kraken is overdue, for instance. But it *is* true that Powell’s wild conspiracy theories implicating Venezuela and ultimately Georgia Republicans like Brian Kemp and Kelly Loeffler emboldened some righties to challenge her even before Trump dumped her. Her allegations were so outlandish that even Fox’s 8 p.m. guy, the most widely watched cable news host in America, couldn’t ignore the blaring siren from his bullsh*t meter. One must take care in partisan media not to admit frankly that the emperor has no clothes, but as a matter of basic intellectual integrity Tucker felt obliged to at least allow for the possibility. Last week he watered it down as best he could to make it more digestible for his audience: “The emperor *might* have clothes, I’m certainly not ruling it out, but I’d like to see a little evidence before forming a conclusion.”


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