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Laura Ingraham Angrily Dismisses Trump Lawyers' Call to Boycott Georgia Runoff: ‘Don't Deserve to Win If You're That Stupid'

Added 12-04-20 12:34:02am EST - “Laura Ingraham angrily dismisses Trump lawyers' call to boycott Georgia runoff over fraud concerns: 'You almost don't deserve to win if you're that stupid. I'm sorry'” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Laura Ingraham Dismisses Calls to Boycott Georgia Runoff”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Fox News primetime anchor Laura Ingraham expressed shock at calls from some of President Donald Trump’s legal surrogates to boycott the upcoming Georgia special election and angrily dismissed — though not by name — those behind them as “stupid” during an interview with Georgia Senator David Perdue. Perdue and his fellow Georgia Republican Senator, Kelly Loeffler, are facing a runoff on January 5th that could tip the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

During a Thursday night interview from Georgia, Ingraham asked Perdue about the lessons learned from the general election one month earlier, when Biked eked out a win in that state while Perdue and Loeffler led their Democratic challengers but fell short of the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff.

“What do you say to those suburbanites?” Ingraham asked. “There’s a lot of women in the Atlanta suburbs especially who maybe don’t like Donald Trump’s style. They like the results of the policies, but they didn’t like his style. What you say now to them, given what’s at stake on January 5th?”

“We talked to a lot of them in the last several years actually, particularly this year. They want to know when to get their lives back to normal. Worried about the safety of their kids, neighborhoods, so forth,” Perdue replied. “A lot of people who voted may be voted against Trump for whatever reason, we think may be coming back to us because they see the value of split ticket.”

“Do the suburbanites need a reunited Republican party or do they need to people running around saying ‘Oh don’t vote and January 5th because that would be perpetuating a corrupt process?'” Ingraham asked, the sarcasm evidence in her voice. “When I heard that the other day I almost fell out of my chair.”


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