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Komplete Now is Native Instruments' subscription plan for producers on a budget

Added 12-08-21 11:09:02am EST - “Native Instruments is bringing some of its music creation tools to the masses with monthly and yearly subscription options on a bundle of its most popular plugins..” - Engadget.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Engadget.com: “Native Instruments unveils subscription package | Engadget”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Recording studios aren't a thing of the past per se, but whole swaths of the production chain are now cheap and accessible enough for a talented amateur producer to achieve enviable results from the comfort of their bedroom. Still though, many of the top plugins—which can simulate anything from mixing consoles to effects units and vintage analog synths—remain outside the budget for most hobbyists. 

Cleverly, Native Instruments have gone the subscription route to deliver those tools in easier-to-swallow monthly payments as low as $9.99 per month. Dubbed Komplete Now, it's essentially the Adobe Creative Cloud model, only for access to sound creation tools instead of industry standard image software. 

A Komplete Now will grant customers access to some of the most recognizable tools in NI's arsenal, among them Massive X (a wavetable synth), Retro Machines MK2 (samples from over a dozen analog synth), a slightly tweaked version of Battery (drum sampler), as well as delay and reverb tools Raum and Replika. 

Full licenses for each product in the Komplete Now package would retail for over $700 combined—though that route still makes sense for professionals who plan to use these tools for years on end. Granted, Native Instruments also offers its more limited Komplete Start bundle for free.


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