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Kelly Loeffler: Not dropping out of Senate race, in it to win it

Added 05-22-20 08:35:02pm EST - “"Not only am I not dropping out, but I'm gonna win."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Kelly Loeffler: Not dropping out of Senate race, in it to win it”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Don’t count out Senator Kelly Loeffler in the Senate race, at least not yet. The question was asked of her during an interview with Politico Thursday. As mentioned earlier this week, tongues are wagging that perhaps the time has come for Loeffler to gracefully end her campaign, given her recent troubles as they are related to possible insider trading trouble.

“Not only am I not dropping out, but I’m gonna win,” Loeffler said Thursday. “And no one’s going to intimidate me into thinking that that’s the right course for our party, for our state, for our country. I’m working hard to help reelect the president. I’m working hard to win my seat and keep the Senate in Republican hands.”

Senators Burr, Feinstein, and Loeffler have come under investigation for stock transactions after COVID-19 briefings earlier this year. Loeffler was also interviewed by the FEC. It should be noted that both Feinstein and Loeffler say they are innocent. Feinstein says her investment banker husband’s financial dealings are completely separate from hers. Loeffler, married to Jeffrey Sprecher, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, says her holdings are in a blind trust, managed by a third party. Senator Burr’s brother-in-law is a target in the FBI’s investigations. None of this is good if a politician is running for re-election, or in the case of Loeffler, running to be elected to a full term. Burr has stepped down as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

It’s been a bumpy ride for Senator Loeffler from the start of her time in the Senate. At the time that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp appointed her to fill the vacancy that Senator Isakson’s resignation due to health reasons caused, she faced strong competition for the appointment from Rep. Doug Collins. Collins is a Trump loyalist and was a fierce voice of support when the Impeachmentpoolza circus came to town. Loeffler was favored by Gov. Kemp as a person who could fill the vacancy and bring along Independent and women voters in the 2020 election. Though Trump personally lobbied Kemp for Collins, he chose Loeffler. Kemp immediately declared he would challenge her for the seat in 2020.

Senator Loeffler has tried to do all she can to beat back the bad publicity caused by the questionable financial transactions. Seizing the opportunity to firm up his lead over her in the polls, Collins has pounced, to use a popular phrase coming from the left these days.


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