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Kathryn Speaks at CPAC's Ronald Reagan Dinner

Added 03-01-21 11:42:02am EST - “KATHRYN: If Rush were standing here right now, I know he would say to all of you, It is not time to panic. Just the opposite. America is still the shining city on a hill, and our best days are ahead.” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “Kathryn Speaks at CPAC’s Ronald Reagan Dinner”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The American Conservative Union, enshrined Rush into its Conservative Hall of Fame at CPAC’s Ronald Reagan Dinner. Kathryn accepted the honor on Rush’s behalf.

MATT SCHLAPP: It’s our great honor to bring somebody out who honors us with her presence. Kathryn Limbaugh. Kathryn, will you come out?

KATHRYN: I’ll show you this. (Holding up Limbaugh Letter) This is the Limbaugh Letter and it says “God is with me.” And Rush is on the cover. (Applause) Thank you very much for this recognition in honor of our wonderful Rush. And thank you for all the prayers we’ve received throughout this year. Rush’s passing is not only a loss for me and our family. It is a significant loss for our nation. (Applause)

Rush will forever be the Greatest of All Time. He was extraordinary in every way. Rush was brilliant, kind, courageous, extremely generous, incredibly hardworking, a gentleman. He broke down the most complex issues of the day in a very way easy-to-understand, humorous way, while making three flawless hours on the radio look easy. It most certainly was anything but easy. Rush truly loved our country beyond measure. He wanted the younger generations and all Americans to know how miraculous the United States of America is and why our country should be cherished. He loved our Constitution, our military, our flag. I often said Rush was a modern-day Founding Father and America’s Winston Churchill.

Rush was routinely mischaracterized and demeaned and made out to be someone he wasn’t — shocking, I know — mainly because of how effective he was. Yet Rush never wavered. He proudly fought for and defended conservative values. He wanted every single American to have hope that they could succeed no matter where they started or what they looked like or what obstacle stood in front of them, just as he had. Rush was a pioneer who paved the way for many others in broadcasting and talk radio. What made Rush so unique and admired by millions is he encouraged so many of us to think for ourselves, to learn, and to lead. He encouraged us, despite the difficult times in our lives, to carry on and continue to work hard, to achieve our dreams, and believe in American exceptionalism.


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